Spray shop operating procedures and work instructions

Aug 12,2019

1. Dip the pre-treated profile into the bath for 2-5 minutes, tilt the rack, drop the residual liquid, dry it after washing with two passes, and observe the chrome effect on the surface of the test profile. The chrome profile The surface should be iridescent.
2, drying: drying temperature is 80-100 ° C, time is 10-15 minutes, will be dried to drip-free profiles into the oven to the specified time, hoisted to the lower row at the lower jaw.
3. Shelf: The profile is hung on the special rack for spraying. The profiles of the same frame are required to be of the same type and specification. It is forbidden to hang different profiles of the same on the same hanger.
4. Blowing dust: Use 0.6-0.8Mpa of compressed air to blow off the dust on the surface of the profile to facilitate subsequent spraying operations.
Third, dusting
1, the quality requirements of the powder:
Project name Conductivity (Ω/cm) Particle size (μm) Volatile (%)
Requires 1010-1014 flat powder: 32-36; yarn pattern powder: 38-45 ≤ 0.5
2, spraying process operation notes:
a, the gas should be clean and dry, and it is strictly forbidden to supply water, oil and other dirt;
b. Recycle powder to prevent pollution and deterioration;
c. When changing powder, thoroughly clean the powder room, powder bucket, etc., to prevent different powders from contaminating and mixing with each other;
d. Grind the hanger to ensure good electrical conductivity.
Fourth, curing: temperature 200 ± 10 ° C, the front is required to be slightly lower, the rear is slightly higher. The curing time is: 20-30 minutes.
Control project voltage (KV) current (μA) gun distance (mm) line speed (cm/mm) air pressure
Control range 60-10025 automatic gun 150-200
Pistol 100-1502-3 gas supply pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa
Atomization pressure: 4-4.5pa
Powder pressure 10-100pa
Fifth, quality control:
Inspection item surface quality coating film thickness gloss indentation hardness adhesion
Control range flat material 40-80 yarn material 40-90 flat material 70±10 high light material 80±7≥800 level
Spray room equipment operating procedures
1. Send power to start air compressor and cold gas engine.
2. Check whether the spray booth is clean, whether there is powder color that can interfere with each other, whether the size powder bucket and the small cyclone device are clean.
3. Check that the manual, automatic gun and barrel are clean.
4. Check that the compressed air is clean and always drain the filtered water.
5. Check that the grounding wire of each device is good.
6. Select whether the elevator program and the front and rear positions are set to the correct range.
7. Add the powder to the powder bucket for up to 25kg, otherwise the fluidized powder will overflow.
8. Start to fluidize for 30 seconds, check the fluidization effect, and whether it flows slightly and evenly.
9. Adjust the amount of powder discharge and the shape of the fan-shaped surface. The powder discharge should be between 60um and 100um.
10. Adjust the AC voltage. Observe the LEO display. The cross section is complicated to adjust the high voltage, and the cross section is simple to adjust the low voltage. The voltage should be controlled between 60 kW and 80 kW.
Drying furnace equipment operating procedures
1. Open the electric cabinet and pay attention to whether there is a prohibition of closing the prohibition sign when the power switch is turned on. If there is, the listed person must pick up the lower part to close the switch.
2. Check if the pressure of the liquefied gas pressure gauge is 2mpa.
3. Press the start switch to start the circulation fan.
4. Press the start switch to start the smoke exhaust system, start the air curtain, start the burner, and observe whether the burner burns.
5. Check if the temperature of each temperature control table is between 100~130 °C.
Curing furnace operating procedures
1. Check if the liquefied gas pressure gauge is normal.
2. Start the circulation fan.
3. Start the smoke evacuation system.
4. Start the curtain.
5. Start the 1# and 2# burners and observe if they are burning.
6. Check if each temperature control table is heating up normally. The temperature should be controlled at 180~200 °C.


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