Analysis and solution for twisting and bending of aluminum profiles

Jul 12,2019

The wavy, twisting, and bending of industrial aluminum profiles is due to profile defects caused by uneven metal flow.
Main reason
1. The design of the aluminum extrusion die working belt is unreasonable, resulting in uneven metal flow;
2. The extrusion speed of the aluminum profile is too fast or the extrusion temperature is too high, resulting in uneven metal flow;
3. Unreasonable layout of the aluminum alloy pattern mold hole causes uneven metal flow;
4. The guide is not suitable or the guide is not installed;
5. The lubrication is not suitable.
1. Trimming the aluminum extrusion die working belt to make the metal flow evenly;
2, using a reasonable extrusion process, under the premise of ensuring the outlet temperature, try to use low temperature extrusion;
3. Reasonable design of aluminum extrusion die structure;
4. Configure a suitable guide;
5. Reasonable lubrication;
6, using aluminum extrusion tractor traction.


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